Has anxiety crept into your child's life due to significant changes in their daily routine or schedule? Are they unable to focus or 'make sense' of the new changes they are experiencing?  

Anxiety is a huge and growing problem among our nation's children. Fortunately, minerals, like magnesium, are well-researched and can help many children's symptoms.

Learn more about anxiety, it's forms and causes, and how specific types of magnesium can help to alleviate symptoms with our FREE PDF download and video training from Dr. Wiggy Saunders, MD, an integrative medicine doctor and co-founder of Raise Them Well.
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We are a husband and wife team. Wiggy is an MD who spends his days finding the root cause of his patients problems and recommending natural healthy solutions. Emily is a personal trainer and wellness coach who spends her days coaching women about how to be healthier. 

Wiggy and Emily are on a mission with Rasie Them Well  to create affordable toxic-free versatile products that work for the whole family- products that parents, teens, children and babies can all use. 
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